Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians: The academic year 2020 is over and it has been a remarkable year filled with struggles and events that have brought us closer together through the digital systems and I would like to thank you for your ongoing support which we received throughout the year.  We would not have offered such a possible education to our students during the pandemic, without the continuing effort and support that the parents and teachers gave. I appreciate the dedication of the Home-School which was prepared by the family members of every student.  We encourage you to join School Parents’ meetings to share your opinions and have your concerns heard through the webinar which will be arranged in the last Saturdays of every month 2021. Your genuine interest in your child’s education is evident and the students ultimately benefit it.  We appreciate and thank all our teachers of the school and parent-teachers of the homes, for the countless hours involved in so many of the behind-the-screen’s activities such as online classes, assignments, videos, parents’ works in your home-yard, assisting in the home-rooms or offices as classrooms.

Finally I am happy to inform you that our School is selected by Digital India, as the best school of North-East India for implementing Digital content in Education..