Examinations and Promotions

  1. The school conducts the internal tests, terms and annual examinations. Report of the examination will be sent to the parents through the School App and they are requested to examine the progress of the child in time.
  2. Every student will go through both Online (E-exam) and Offline (Written) Exams. Students who fail in paying the fees on time will not get the links for the online exams and will not get hall tickets for the Terminal Exams.
  3. Pupils, who absent themselves from examination, except for grave reason, will be considered as having failed in the examination.
  4. Promotion shall be made to the next higher class on the basis of pupil’s total performance as assessed by periodical tests and final examinations. It is, therefore, very essential to appear in all the examinations. Promotion will depend on the year’s work, and the final decision depends entirely on the Principal’s direction.
  5. The annual examination marks will be entered in the Progress Report. No re-examination will be conducted in any subject. The results once declared are final and cannot be reconsidered.
  6. Use of unfair means in any examinations will result in cancellation of the entire result and attract disciplinary action.