1. Top 20 students of HSLC will be given free admission to class 11. Every candidate for admission must be introduced in person by parents or guardian. Pupils coming with TC from other schools may be submitted to a test and admitted to the class for which he/she is found fit and if there is vacancy.
  2. Admission is restricted by certain policies of the management and by conditions of age, ability, and conduct. Special consideration in matter of admission is given to the students of Catholic community.
  3. The fees once paid will not be refunded even if the pupil for any reason shall leave the school immediately.
  4. The school authority reserves the right to refuse admission to a pupil without assigning the reason.
  5. If a pupil comes from a school outside Nagaland, the TC must be countersigned by the Inspector of Schools of the state from where the pupil comes.
  6. No school leaving certificate will be issued unless applied by the parent/guardian for in writing after all the dues have been cleared.

  7. The candidates can book the admission by clicking this link email to